Saturday, 22 March 2014

Exciting Blog Post Contest! Something Borrowed, Something New...

Hey people, It's been so long but it feels like home :-)

As we may have mentioned earlier, we have been really busy with developing our platform and we are happy to say we are sort of ready to share it with our first set of potential customers (all strangers)  for real life feedback- and we kid you not, it's scary as hell!
We had our first focus group session  last Saturday. Humble beginnings, but the feedback
was positive (we also got lots of ideas for product features and improvements), it was fun.

Swapzaar is all about the new-age concepts like "Vintage Fashion", "Indie and DIY Fashion",  "Fashion resale" and "Thrifting" (online of course) which have become huge trends even with Celebs and Bonafide fashion Icons. Don't believe us? Check out this article  and this one here.

So some of the things Swapzaar could be used for include:
>> Buy/Sell fashion resale items
>> Buy/Sell Vintage fashion
>> Buy/Sell DIY fashion items ( Hand painted silk scarves or slogan tees etc.)
>> Buy/Sell one of a kind craft items (Crochet blankets, Stoles, hand appliqu├ęd quilts)
>>Trade stuff you bought from some exotic far off Holiday Destinations

But more on that later, we will be doing a wider launch to our online audience soon and we hope you guys will like our business and help us with fabulous ideas to take it to the next level.
Customer feedback is the Voice of God!

Meanwhile we want to reward your patience and for that here's a interesting contest:
It's simple really (really?!);  you have to write a well-informed, witty and original blog-post on one of the following topics:

1) Vintage Fashion: Will the trend ever catch on in India?

2) Thrifting: Fun or gross?

3) DIY (Do it Yourself Crafts) : Can it ever be a serious money-making business?

Send us links to you entries either in the comments section below or on our facebook page (we are posting this contest there as well) on or before 15th April and you could win an exciting gifts from Mango, Zara or Accessorize.

Some rules to keep in mind:

  • Not to sound pushy, but you have to like us on FB,  follow our Blog and Twitter feed to be eligible.
    (we are a startup and we need your support and love)
  • We are not biased whether you are for or against any topic as long as your post is great.
  • Your post should be well written, while you can link or quote stats from elsewhere the opinions expressed there have to be original and intelligent!
  • The last date for entry is 15th April 2014 ( contest closes midnight of 15th IST)
  • Contest open to Indian Nationals only.
  • Judges decision is final.

Hope you enjoy this contest, may the best Woman (or Man) win!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Put Your Fashion Vocabulary to the Test

Every once in a while I come across a copy of Readers Digest; I know, sadly, hardly anyone reads this publication anymore... and I do enjoy the nostalgia of reading an article or two, the ‘quotable quotes’, humour etc. I guess, somewhere along the way, Readers Digest got inevitably replaced by more glamourous magazines or online publications. So, I was pleasantly surprised when in a recent issue, my all-time-favourite section - Word Power was on the subject of words from the fashion business. Very cool I thought... so I tested my Fashion Word Power and thought you might like to check out yours...

You know how clothing designers have their own vocabulary sort of like studio talk or catwalk lingo. And this special language, just like their designs, can trend for a while and die out or endure seasons as fashions come and go. So, test your own sartorial savvy with Rachel Lebowitz’ Word Power, excerpts of which I have taken the liberty to bring into this blog...

1.Brothel Creepers
  1. pants with floral designs   
  2. double soled shoes
  3. push-up bra
2. Bespoke
  1. made to order
  2. salesperson patter
  3. industry buzz
3. Trunk Show
  1. collection displayed in front of a select group
  2. fashion flea market
  3. major designer summit
4. Covert Couture
  1. high-end fashion made to look discreet
  2. custom made lingerie
  3. copycat designs
5. Cognoscenti
  1. perfume
  2. trademark style
  3. experts
6. Peplum
  1. seam ripper
  2. ribbon lace
  3. flared ruffle
7. Frow
  1. hairstyle with distinctive bangs
  2. front row
  3. armhole in the bodice of a garment
8. Ferosh
  1. small embroidery motif
  2. short for ferocious
  3. fresh

This is not the whole of the quiz, only a small selection. I got only a score of very good versus excellent. Answers are below for you to cross check how many you managed to get right..

  1. (b) Brothel Creepers are double-soled shoes made popular stars like Rihanna
  2. (a) Bespoke is made-to-order
  3. (a) A Trunk Show is a collection displayed in front of a select group
  4. (a) Covert Couture is high-end fashion made to look discreet for the wealthy 
  5. (c) Cognoscenti are the experts
  6. (c) Peplum is a type of flared ruffle made popular by Armani and Vera Wang
  7. (b) Frow is front row
  8. (b) Ferosh is short for ferocious and was first uttered on Style TVs show Project Runway before it became the business buzzword in fashion circles

By the way Readers Digest App is available for the die-hard fans of the publication

Stay fashion smart...